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Artist Statement - Jane Carlisle Bellerby

Foundation Diploma Art & Design (Textiles), Harrogate Collage, 1991

BA Hons History & Theory of Art, University of Central Lancashire, 1998

MA Creative Practice, Harrogate Collage, started 2014

Combining a love of both walking within and depicting landscape, Jane is currently following a course of post-graduate study, initiated to cultivate a deeper understanding of her perception of and connection to landscape. As well as analysing her own relationship with her outdoor surroundings, Jane has also spent time researching the concepts of ’biophilia’ and ‘green exercise’ whilst also identifying the significant themes of containment, safe havens, transitional spaces and physical movement through the land, which underpin her practice.

Studio work has evolved from a long-held practice of silk painting and collage to experimentations with printing, paper-making, natural dyeing, hand-stitching and inclusion of objects found whilst walking. For many years Jane has recorded walks through photography and more recently through ipad recordings. Her objective is to combine these with mixed media and silk collaged pieces, juxtaposing natural and manmade elements alongside personal responses in order to celebrate  attachment to the land and time spent outdoors.


Kilburn Horse Silk Collage


Foundation Diploma Art & Design, Harrogate Collage of Arts & Technology 1991

BA Hons History & Theory of Art, University of Central Lancashire 1998

'Kilburn Horse' Hand-Painted Silk Collage

I'm regularly on Twitter and Facebook with updates about my silk art, events and being outdoors.



 Short video showing aspects of the walk around Thruscross Reservoir, Washburn Valley in North Yorkshire.